5 Daily Habits To End Back Pain! Most Common Misconceptions Of Back Pain

5 Daily Habits To End Back Pain!


     5 Daily Habits to End Back Pain.Common Misconceptions of Back Pain


When it comes to back pain, there are a lot of misconceptions seen in the news or perhaps bad advice given by well-meaning friends or doctors. Clear up the most common back pain misconceptions, to save yourself a lot of confusion and back pain. Mentioned are the 5 Daily Habits To End Back Pain and the 3 Most Common Misconceptions of Back Pain.

Misconception #1 – Exercise Can Hurt Your Back-
high-impact and rigorous exercises that can make your back pain worse. . Many people find themselves enduring constant back pain because they do not exercise enough. Their core muscles and back muscles are not strong enough. Regular exercise, especially walking would help build up the muscle and eliminate a lot of pain. More importantly, exercise can help you keep a healthier weight. Any excess weight an individual has, automatically puts more pressure on the spine and joints, which can then result in pain.

Misconception #2– Herniated Discs Require Surgery
90% of herniated disc cases can get better on their own. They don’t need surgery, but rather TLC with rest, and acupressure therapy for speedy recovery.

Misconception #3 – X-Rays and MRIs Are Needed to Show the True Source of Back Pain- Sometimes an X-Ray or MRI can show the source of back pain, but it cannot show things like weak muscles, which may be the cause.

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5 Daily Habits To End Back Pain!


Acupressure Tools/Balls of Bliss- The #1 Back Pain Solution! Safe, Easy-to-Use, Most-Effective & Natural Method To Live Pain Free!

Improve Circulation in the Legs & Feet        

Sciatica nerve pain, pain in bottom of feet, pain in the arch of the foot
Hot Stepper Foot Roller: Acupressure Points In the Feet For Overall Well-Being


1 .While seated at your desk, use the Hot Stepper Foot Roller, apply pressure with your foot and roll your foot back and forth(make sure you do this on a rug). This will help stimulate the nerve endings in the feet, get the blood flow going. According to research A 10 minutes of acupressure therapy on feet daily, helps in transporting oxygen to the body’s cells, which is essential for overall health.

2. Get up from your desk every hour to stretch out your legs and Lay on Balls of Bliss tool in your break room or simply use it in your office chair by placing the tool behind your back on your office chair and push back on it to apply pressure and stretch your arms out and up above to get a full upper body stretch. Watch Demo Videos BELOW!

Walking Exercise

3. Walk 5 times a week for at least 30 mins and join a gentle yoga class at least once a week…After walking Apply acupressure techniques on your using Balls of Bliss Acupressure tool for 5 to 10 minutes.This will improve your posture, strengthen back muscles. promote blood circulation. You can also use Balls of Bliss tool on your back for certain asana’s in a yoga class for a good stretch. This will help breathe better, improve muscular imbalances and increase flexibility which will help relieve pain.


4.Before falling asleep, for just five minutes (can do for more time) apply acupressure technique on your neck and shoulder muscles using Balls of Bliss tool in your bed or on a yoga mat to sleep better, Research proves that our neck ad shoulder muscles carry all the weight of emotional clutter. So to relax these muscles helps you sleep better. Watch Demo Videos BELOW!

5. If you travel a lot for your work or fun then Balls of Bliss tool is going to be your best travel buddy.Easy to carry in your carry on or your purse. Use it in the uncomfortable airline seat or hotel beds. Get rid of accumulative tension, Don’t rely too much on your medicine cabinet. Living pain free is a process… Let’s give Us A Chance….



Watch Step By Step Demonstration Videos Below!


It takes looking at the whole picture to find a permanent solution. Our body is like our car…we have to keep it running or it may get a little rusty, we need to take it for regular maintenance and also have to fuel it properly! So let’s not forget to look at everything as a whole when trying to solve one piece of the puzzle. Check out www.acupressuretools.com


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