5 Most Common Yoga Injuries! How To Heal With Acupressure

 5 Most Common Yoga Injuries! How To Heal With Acupressure!



5 Most Common Yoga Injuries. Heal with Acupressure

No one would expect to run a marathon the first time they lace up their sneakers. So let’s lay off the pressure of doing a headstand or even get the heels to the floor in down dog the first time you hit the mat, Instead, opt for beginner-friendly classes that will develop the foundation for more advanced moves. Proper alignment in poses is key, but it’s not the only factor in a safe yoga practice .As with any physical activity, the safest approach to yoga is to learn how to practice the poses correctly and stay in tune with your body

Warm up. It’s an important part of any physical activity, and yoga is no exception. It will be very useful to apply acupressure techniques, shown in the video below using Balls of Bliss acupressure tool on your mid & low back for just 5 to10 minutes before a yoga class to loosen the stiff and/or tense muscles along with some basic basic stretches (like neck and shoulder rolls and gentle twists). This helps prevent back injury and prepare the body for more challenging poses later on in a sequence. Yoga practice is like: we are building a relationship with our bodies the same way we build them with other people: by listening.

Leave ego outside. It can be tempting to rush into more advanced poses. How tough can handstands be, right?, but pushing our bodies before they’re ready is a recipe for injury. Yoga is “about finding where you are,” “not trying to push to a place where your body may need some time to go”


Acupressure Tools/Balls of Bliss is designed to strengthen the back muscles, while strengthening the core. The Acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss shown in the Demo. Video Can be used to help prevent any injury or heal an existing one so you can carry on with your daily activities with ease. It is Safe to Apply acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss as many times in a day you want or need. Listen to your body and Let your body be the judge.

Mentioned Below Are 5 Most Common Yoga Injuries! How To Heal With Acupressure!

Low Back- Most Common Yoga Injury


1. Lower back: Lower back pain is the most frequently cited yoga injury, and teachers speculate that it’s likely the result of rounding through the spine in poses like forward folds and down dog. Rounding causes the spine to flex the opposite way which can cause disc problems in addition to that achy feeling post-class.

Soothe the spine: To avoid any low back injury or rounding of the spine apply acupressure techniques on the mid back and low back before a yoga class. Also placing the tool under the low back or hips while doing leg raises can prevent low back stiffness or injury.

2. Elbows: Joint pain in the elbows can result from bending them out to the sides in poses like Chaturanga or downward dog or plank.While it may be easier to execute, lowering down with outward-pointing elbows can stress the joint and can also put undue stresses on the wrists.To avoid wrists injury Apply acupressure techniques before and after a yoga class using balls of bliss acupressure tool. (shown in the demo. video below)

Ribs-Most Common Yoga Injury

3.Ribs: Twists are awesome for releasing tension, but if done improperly they can overextend or bruise the inter coastal muscles (the muscles in between the ribs used when twisting).
To avoid mid back / rib injury apply acupressure techniques just for 5 minutes in the mid back area using Balls of Bliss Acupressure tool before attending a yoga class. This helps you to be aware of your posture while doing asanas involving the rib muscles. It helps Lengthen upwards through the spine before twisting. Twist to the point of feeling a stretch but not past it, even if you’re flexible. Applying this acupressure technique helps releases stiff joints creating space between them. Also by using this technique regularly for 5 to 10 minutes relieves pain in the mid and low back, can help improve & maintain good posture, keeps the low back in alignment, strengthen the back muscles and increase circulation.

Hamstrings: Spend most days sitting in front of the computer, in class, or in the car? Guilty as charged. As a result, many of us have tight hamstrings, so it’s easy to pull or over-stretch them in poses like forward bends To avoid injury apply acupressure techniques using balls of bliss tool on the sacrum by laying on the tools under the buttocks. Also, applying the acupressure technique shown in the demonstration video below at least twice a day (can be done more times if needed. It’s absolutely safe) for 5 to 10 minutes will help release any built up tension in the hamstring muscles, hence no pain. stretching the hamstring muscles before and after yoga class or any exercise routine can be very helpful.

Knee- Most Common Yoga Injury.

Knee: Knee issues can plague even experienced yogis well after class . A common culprit of pain is the cross-legged position, Flexibility carries from the hips first; if the hips are tight in the pose, the knees will be the first place to feel pain or tension.
To Prevent the pain apply acupressure techniques under the hips and knee with balls of bliss acupressure tool (as shown in the demo.video below) before and after a yoga class.For those regularly bothered by knee pain, use the acupressure technique at least twice on a daily basis. Also, avoid sitting in cross-legged position for long periods till the hips get flexible.




5 Most Common Yoga Injuries!


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