5 Ways To Relieve Pain While Seated In A Office Chair With Acupressure

5 Ways To Relieve Pain While Seated In A Office Chair With Acupressure!

Watch Demonstration Video Below!

5 Ways To Relieve Low Back Pain while Seated in a Office Chair

Humans are built to stand upright. The heart and cardiovascular system work more effectively that way.

Unfortunately with the steady rise of digital technology, sitting has become the most common posture in the workplace. Most people with a desk job spend an average of 10 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, which leaves very little opportunity for physical activity throughout the day. As we’ve all been made aware, sitting can actually be extremely detrimental to our health and overall well-being—even more so than smoking, as some would claim.

Applying these 5 Ways to Relieve Pain While Seated in a Office Chair with Acupressure in the demonstration video below will help promote blood and oxygen flow in the body, will increase mobility and reduce pain and help you carry on your work day with ease and pain free.

Sitting for long periods can lead to weakening  away of the large leg and glutes muscles such as: hamstring, piriformis, calf, etc These large muscles are important for walking and for stabilizing us. If these muscles are weak we’re more likely to injure ourselves from falls and strains while exercising. Applying these 5 Ways to relieve Pain in a office Chair with Acupressure can be preventative.

Just like the legs and glutes , the hips and back can’t support us as well if we sit for long periods. Sitting causes the hip flexor muscles to shorten, which can cause hip joint problems.
Sitting for long periods also causes poor posture especially if we consistently sit with shoulders and neck hunched over. Poor posture may also cause poor spine health such as: Herniated disc, compression of the nerve pathways in the spine,neck and shoulder pain, poor or interrupted circulation, stiffness, numbness / tingling in the hands,  etc.. leading to premature degeneration, which can be very painful.

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5 Ways to Relieve Pain While Seated in a Office Chair


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 Watch Demonstration Video Below!

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