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Balls of Bliss Acupressure Massage Tools.

Uses and Health Benefits:

Regular bodywork can ease everything from stress induced shoulder tension to chronic pain and sore muscles- and you don’t need a masseuse to realize the benefits. We don’t reaize how easy and beneficial it is to give ourselves treatments by applying Acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss. It’s an external stimulation that sets off a complex cascade of internal activity. When our external pressure receptors are stimulated it very quickly puts us in a parasympathetic state, lowering the heart rate, blood pressure, and the stress hormone cortisol. Hence we feel instant relaxation. Even better, stimulating the acupressure points (watch demonstration videos below) boosts the body’s production of serotonin- our own internal pain relief or feel-good “juice”. Self massage tools such as Balls of Bliss can help achieve that crucial moderate to firm pressure for longer periods of time than you’d be able for with your hands alone or depend on someone else. You are in control of how much pressure you want to apply and where because they are self-administered. All you need to do is lay back and relax and let your body weight do the work for you.

 Whether it’s lower back, upper shoulders, neck, or mid back, where you are looking for pain relief Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools can help. Sometimes we misuse and strain our bodies in unnatural ways, which can lead to sore muscles and stiff joints. If you are familiar with massage, you may probably think that massage tools are completely unnecessary. Well, think again, Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools are self-administered, you don’t have to rely on anyone to help relieve your pain except yourself.

Other issues that can be tackled with Balls of Bliss pressure points massage tool are headache and migraines, pain associated with a pinched nerve, muscle spasms, herniated disk, sciatica, spondylosis, stenosis, arthritis. Including applying acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Acupressure tool in your daily routine for a few minutes can help cure Emotional pain such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and other stress related imbalances. This results in getting a good night sleep every night without any help from outside stimulants. Bother beneficial factor is that using the tool also helps relieve pain related to old injury or surgery for eg:  breaking of scar tissue which accumulates around the affected area. Enjoy the physical and emotional benefits using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools. 

The Hot Stepper Foot roller helps with heel pain related to plantar fasciitis, flat feet, etc. Balls of Bliss acupressure massage balls keep away these pains so that we can go back to focusing on being more aware of using our bodies, instead of simply reacting to the pain.

Relaxation and Stress Relief:

Stress develops in our minds from bleak perspectives. However, this stress can then resurface negatively in our attitudes, thought the process and even our bodies causing headaches, anxiety and sleeping disorder etc. These troubles act as the body’s warning system that something’s wrong.

Pressure point massage tools such as Balls of Bliss are affordable, convenient, most effective, easy to use. The best part is that there are No Side-effects. Why not have relief available to you at your convenience? By relaxing using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools after a long day you can reset your stress level back to zero and approach daily challenges with a fresh perspective.

Circulation and Good Health:

Proper circulation in the body is one of the most important aspects of obtaining good health. Acupressure massage tools such as Balls of Bliss effectively stimulate blood flow, which can help revitalize low energy caused by depression and anxiety. Improving circulation by using acupressure balls such as Balls of Bliss can also ward off numerous disorders related to poor circulation and let the natural well-being flow.

As a result of all the benefits, pressure point tools such as Balls of Bliss promote a positive attitude, good health, helps get deep sleep, helps stay calm and connected. Not to mention, Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools are hand crafted and made in the U.S. They last forever because they are the best quality, portable, battery-free, affordable, easy to use.

Apply acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools.. Relieve pain Instantly! Watch step by step demonstration videos.







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