Acupressure Tool- Balls of Bliss:The #1 BACK PAIN SOLUTION THAT WORKS! SAVE $20

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Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool (2 Stability Rings Included): THE #1 BACK PAIN SOLUTION THAT WORKS

Made of Combination of Oak & Maple Wood Measures 7″(w) 4″(h). Includes Travel Bag!

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Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools-#1 Back Pain Solution.. Click Here!

What’s Causing Your Low Back Pain? Is it Piriformis (hip muscle) or Sciatica? Find Out Here

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Acupressure Tools- Balls of Bliss The #1 Back Pain Solution That Works! SAVE $ 20

Made of Combination of Maple & Oak Wood in St. Thomas, V.I. Durable, Easy to carry, Light Weight (4″x 7″) weighs less than 2 lbs (Includes travel bag).

Use it Any Where! Any Time!

By applying Acupressure Techniques using Balls of Bliss, the firm pressure helps release the toxins from the muscle fibers and promotes blood flow even in the deepest body tissue. This process helps relax the nervous system, resulting in releasing endorphins, which is the body’s natural pain relieving hormone. Within One minute or less of applying acupressure technique using Balls of Bliss Tool you will feel the pain abate and be replaced by a warm, relaxing feeling. All you need to do is Relax and Lay on the tool in your bed or a yoga mat on the floor. Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool is light weight, Easy to Carry and Use Anywhere! In an Airplane or your Office Chair. Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool is THE #1 BACK PAIN SOLUTION THAT REALLY WORKS!


Who Can Use Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools?

If you are experiencing Headaches, Migraines, Neck and Shoulder pain related to pinched nerve, repetitive motion strain, Whiplash or Old injury, People suffering from Scoliosis (helps with mobility, reduces related pain/stiffness, discomfort),  Repetitive Motion Strain, Trapezius Muscle Pain, Poor Posture related pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tingling/Numbness in Hands, Wrists, Arms, Poor Blood Circulation, Muscle Fatigue, Low energetic level, Herniated or Degenerative Disc, Sciatica pain, Piriformis muscle syndrome (Hip Pain), Pulled Muscle, Muscle Spasms, Pinched Nerve, Anxiety related  to Stress, Depression, Nervousness, Sleep Disorder, Emotional Imbalances, An individual doesn’t need to be in pain to use Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools. Can be used to prevent injuries, strengthen back muscles, and ATTAIN BLISS.

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Weight 2 lbs

Bronze, Dark Blue Metallic, Dark Green Metallic, Fuchsia (Pink), Light Blue Metallic, Peridot, Purple Metallic, Red, Surprise Me, Teal


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