What’s Causing Low Back Pain? Piriformis Or Sciatica? #1 Solution For Back Pain


A large amount of confusion and misunderstanding exists concerning the conditions Sciatica and Piriformis syndrome share, therefore it is sometimes hard to distinguish one diagnosis from the other. One of the most common symptoms of both, besides numbness, tingling in the leg and/or foot, knee pain, buttock pain is that both these syndromes affect the sciatic nerve, blocking the nerve pathway and interrupt nerve signals. The only difference is that Sciatica is more commonly diagnosed then the Piriformis Syndrome.


Firstly, Sciatic nerve is the largest and the longest nerve in the human body, extending from the lower back, through that buttocks, the knee down each leg. The most common cause of Sciatica is compression of the nerve pathway, usually caused by a herniated disk putting pressure on the nerve. If your medical personal starts with a spinal X-Ray, MRI or a CT scan, these tests will help him or her to figure out whether you have Sciatica. For eg. There will be visible sign of disk herniation, or spinal degeneration which is compressing the Sciatic nerve. If not, then you may have Piriformis Syndrome! Since there aren’t any definitive test for Piriformis Syndrome it is challenging to diagnose, but if you have pain or numbness or both when you straighten you leg (parallel to the floor) or when you press on the Piriformis muscle (large muslce in the hip) you probably have Piriformis problems. Because the Piriformis muscle is a large muscle deep within the hip, when it is inflamed or tight, it irritates the sciatic nerve causing pain and numbness or both that often extends along the low back, causing symptoms that mimic Sciatica.


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Cause of Low back pain



It is important to understand when searching for sciatica pain relief in the buttocks is that generally this pain is caused by a tightening hip muscle that strangles the sciatic nerve and triggers this pain. This pain may stay with in  the buttocks or shoot throughout the back of a leg, knee ankle and/or the foot. Medical professionals have researched and found out that a tight muscle in the hip is responsible for causing Sciatica in the firs place. The best solution is relieve those tight butt muscles.

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Sciatic nerve pain due to Piriformis muscle Syndrome


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