Mike T. MI. April 2017…  While vacationing in St. Thomas, our daughter presented me with a gift of Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools. Now in my late 60’s, I was blessed with great health and virtually no aches or pains, until a few months ago, pain in my lower back began to manifest itself and nothing helped. If you had told me that using these acupressure tools would make such a difference in my world I  would not have believed it. 

Their balls of bliss tools are well named. Easy to use , demonstration videos are very helpful. These tools make me want to use them, because I feel great afterward. I’m walking with very little pain and the best posture I’ve had in years. If you want to feel better everyday then balls of bliss tools must have, quite a bargain in my books. Best regards. Mike 

Lucas and Fabiana. Feb 2017… Hello Kevin, wanted to drop you a quick message to thank you. Both Lucas and I have nor more wrist pain anymore. Lucas didn’t need surgery after all as suggested. We are recommending your balls of bliss tools to everyone we meet, as we recognize the importance of natural healing methods. We have both been using balls of bliss tools on a regular basis and feel such positive change throughout the day. Thanks again! We are grateful for what you do and share. 

Patty March 2017 :   I received my balls of bliss today along with the hot stepper foot roller. I’m in tears right now. I can’t thank you enough for this product. Musing using them today has relieved my neck, back and hip pain that I’ve been suffering for years. I was addicted to prescription pain meds for over 12 years. I have been searching for years to find natural pain relief that would work for me and I finally found it. I have been spreading the news about balls of bliss tools to my family and friends. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have brought this woman relief that she so needed. Bright Blessings.

Jeannie..Juneau AK.   My daughter, 24 years old, suffered from headaches for years. Even the prescription meds didn’t work any more. I was so worried about her. I met Kevin and Mona in Juneau at a local arts and crafts fair. They lived in Juneau for a while. They were very helpful, also offered give me my money back if the tool didn’t work for my daughter. I am so glad to have bought it because it not only worked for her headaches, also it helped her with her anxiety. I am forever grateful. Everyone should have their balls of bliss tools.

Kate Swan… St. John U.S.V.I…. I had a a bad fall 4 years ago which totally messed up my neck. I had to go to the mainland to see orthopedic doctors, they suggested surgery which I opted out of and came back home. I went for physical therapy for a year, Still was experiencing pain in the neck. I met Mona in St. John, bought balls of bliss tools, I have to tell you I am addicted, can’t sleep without it. I travel with it. It’s been very helpful. I don’t rely on pain killers, instead I use my balls of bliss tools. I bought them for my daughters and they love it too.

Hiedi St. Thomas: Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools ….Changed my life. Thank you.

Joe St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. I bought them for my girlfriend for her sciatica pain. It helped her more than anything else she was trying at the time. Highly recommend these products. 

Lucy.. Seattle WA: I was visiting family in St. Thomas 2 years ago. Some of my friends recommended Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools for my husband, he was suffering pain in his foot relocated to Plantar Fasciitis. I am glad I did , it really helped him. He used it twice a day 5 mins each foot within a week his pain subsided. I had to order the other tool for the back for myself and it really works

Jessie and Matt. St. Thomas, U.S.V.I… My husband experienced low back pain and I have neck and shoulder pain related to repetitive motion injury. I have known Kevin for decades I bought Balls of Bliss and I can’t live without them. They travel with us where ever we go. We are very grateful.

Neera M. St. Thomas, V.I… I have been a asthma patient since I was a child, which restricts me to take any medication for my neck and back pain. It was so painful to turn my neck to back my car out form my driveway. I took the route of traditional medicine, went for PT for a while, helped me for sometime but the pain came back. I bought balls of bliss tools 2 years ago and I am so grateful that I did. I use it for a few minutes everyday or every other day, it relieves my back pain instantly. It works amazing on my neck, there is no trace of any neck pain. I would recommend this product to everyone. Recently, I had a weird fall from my bed, I am 67yrs old, it’s hard to recover at my age, I landed on my knees and felt a jolt in my hips. I laid on them balls under my hips for a while and was up and moving the same day. 

Komal, St.Thomas V.I…April 2018 I have had a cervical spine problem since almost 30 yrs. I’ve had surgery for it, did the PT, took medications. After a while the medications stop working on me. Recently, I had developed Vertigo and I would get a terrible symptoms that I couldn’t get out of my bed, I was afraid to try. My son had bought Balls of Bliss Tools for himself, I borrowed it to use it under my neck and to my amazement it really helped me. I got my own set of Balls of Bliss and have been using it everyday for few minutes. I have been using Balls of Bliss for about 3 months now, the inflammation in my neck disappeared, Iv’e had zero vertigo attack. I use the tool under my low back and feels great I can go on with my day without any medication. I highly recommend Balls of Bliss Tools to everyone.

Patrick…May, 2018.. I have Known Kevin for over 20 years, have to say he’s a genius to come up with this invention. I have been using his product for over 3 years now. My chiropractor visit is are not frequent, I don’t depend on painkillers. I use the tool  single day, since I’m into construction business I really need it to get my back in alignment everyday. I love balls of bliss tools. They really do the job. I’m a fan.



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