10 Proven Techniques to Fix Trapezius Pain in Muscles

10 Proven Techniques to Fix Trapezius Pain in Muscles


Understanding the Trapezius Muscles

Body Parts Where Trapezius Muscle Pain Occ

Trapezius Muscle Pain Symptoms

Techniques to Get Instant Relief From Trapezius Spasm

Self Massage Techniques to Heal Trapezius Pain or Tight Traps

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Understanding the Trapezius Muscles

The trapezius is one of the big muscles of the back and is liable for rotating, moving and stabilizing the scapula and spreading the head at the neck. It is flat, wide, superficial muscle that covers most of the upper back and the neck posterior. Like most other body muscles, there are 2 trapezius muscles – a right and left trapezius.

In general, the action of trapezius is to depress and elevate the scapula and to rotate the shoulder girdle downwards and upward. The trapezius also spreads the head and when all the fibers work combine they tend to force the shoulder upward and adduct the scapula.

The trapezius attaches the scapula for an action of the shoulder joint and constantly rotates the scapula upward to allow the arm to be increased over the head. The trapezius is called as the shrug muscle and it is worked largely with the old bodybuilding shrug workout as well as during the Olympic lifts and anything that raises the


Body Parts Where Trapezius Muscle Pain Occur

Trapezius Muscles
Trapezius muscle pain

Whole Trapezius Muscle

Strong and acute traumas like a vehicle accident can create tender and activate points in the full trapezius muscle.

When you hit an object with your vehicle, you get hurled into your seat belt till it prevents the motion, this way your head gets bend over hard and quick.

Your trapezius gets stretch so quick and powerfully during the movement – as this is the opposite movement that the muscle as a full performs – that activate points can be created.

Upper and Middle Trapezius

The middle and upper part of your trapezius muscle is probably the problem zone number one. It is the one that provides issues to a lot of people. Among others, this part of can gets overworked by the mechanical anxiety of the straps of a heavy back pack forcing into the muscle.

A similar effect can happen to women with big breasts that wear bras with narrow straps.

Also watching Television with your head constantly turned puts lots of stress on the upper trapezius as it stays in a shortened area for a prolonged period of time.

Middle Trapezius

The middle part of this muscle is mostly overworked when you do any type of job with your arms elevated in front of you. This is because your shoulder blade has to move outwards a quite if you raise your arms in front of you. Thus, the muscle gets stretched on the single hand but on the other hand still, has to do stabilizing the work. Middle trapezius contains Middle back and spine area.

Performing this over a higher period of time can lead to trapezius muscle stretch and trapezius trigger points.

Some examples from activities that impose such movements on you are…

  • Playing the piano
  • Playing the violin
  • Working on your PC without an arm rest

Lower Trapezius

The lower part of the muscle generally gets overworked when you work in a bend over position for long times, as it may occur in cutting hair or gardening. It is also called lower trapezius pain. It areas contains down the inside of arm,back of shoulder blade.

Severe pain in trapezius muscle causes generally has a link to trauma experienced by auto accidents and sports injuries. Another general reason for a trapezius muscle stretch is the repetitive motion of the shoulders. We tend to put a lot of pressure and strain on our shoulder area with simple tasks such as pulling, lifting, and even typing on a keyboard.

In addition to direct injuries to the muscle trapezius, strains can occur with:

  • Whiplash
  • Blunt force to the head
  • Bad posture
  • Medical situations such as arthritis
  • Prolonged sitting at a work desk

Trapezius Muslce Pain Symptoms 

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Common Area of Pain Due To Trapezius muslce

The most famous trapezius strain symptom is severe pain in trapezius muscle. This pain may radiate from the upper back to the arms, shoulders and neck. Excruciating at times, the trapezius muscle stretch and pain can intensify with any movement of the arms and hands.

You may experience any one or more of the following signs accompanying a trapezius strain:

  • Arms weakness
  • Swelling
  • Warmth radiating from the muscle
  • Problem in sleeping
  • Lack of shoulder range of motion
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Neck stiffness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Difficulty in moving the shoulders and neck
  • Headaches
  • Concentration

Try These 10 Proven Techniques To Get Instant Relief From Trapezius Spasm

Below, we will provide you some advice on how to deal with trapezius spasm with medication and natural remedies for trapezius pain relief.

Cold Compress

The primary thing to perform for trapezius muscle spasm is to apply a cold compress to be wounded area. We advise taking a bag of frozen peas and putting them in a bag or cloth, to reject burning the skin. Apply the bag in ten-minute intervals, after removing it from the wounded area for thirty minutes. You can perform this throughout the day until the severe pain in trapezius muscle has subsided.

Medical Treatments for Trapezius Strain

Since a strain of the trapezius muscle can range from little to extreme, your doctor may give various treatments. Any treatment prescribed focuses the linked pain and discomfort as well s improving the range of motion of the arms, shoulders, neck and back. Medication may contain anti-inflammatory to combat inflammation for trapezius pain relief, a narcotic prescription if the pain is extreme or steroid injection in cases where the pain is debilitating. These pain drugs will in effect, better the range of motion as well.

With the inflammation set on and the pain alleviated, your next step may be meeting with a physiotherapist to support with the range of motion of the affected place. Performing exercises that target on strengthening trapezius muscle will decrease your healing time.

Chinese Remedy

A natural Chinese remedy for treating serious muscle spasms is to wrap ginger with cabbage and bake it in the oven for one hour. Once it is ready, cut it into slices. Put the warm slices on the painful place and hold it there with gauze. Leave it on for at least twenty minutes.


It is one of the top ways to treat trapezius muscle stretch. Normally there are 2 techniques, one that contains direct contact and stretches the wounded muscle, while the other applies electrodes to the affected place. The mixture of both is very effective.

Massage for Trapezius Strain

Neck Solutions notes that you can use massage to decrease pain and stiffness in your trapezius muscle. The site advises using 1 or 2 fingers to apply a firm, steady force at least sixty seconds. Then massage the place in circles for few minutes. For hard-to-reach places, you can use a back massager. Severe pain in trapezius muscle can be reduced or prevented with massage. It is possible to decrease trapezius muscle stretch through self-massage.


You can also apply some force to the place along your shoulders between the blades and shoulder. If there is a place that is more tender, apply force for 10 seconds and then release so that the muscle can relax. This can support to ease the tension built up in the trapezius muscle, thereby decreasing pain.

Specific Exercises

These exercises can help stop lower trapezius pain and upper trapezius pain. Sitting with upright posture, do 15-20 reps of the following exercises every hour when you are at your desk for upper trapezius pain relief.

Shoulder Shrugs: Raise the shoulders up in the direction of the ears, and then lower them back down

Scapular Pinches: Roll the back shoulder, and touch the shoulder blades combine.

Neck Side-bending: Tilt single ear toward the shoulder and grip briefly. Repeat on the opposite side.

Neck Rotation: See single shoulder and gap briefly. Repeat on the conflicting side.

If you experience sore or tight in the upper trapezius after the above action-oriented exercise, do one to three steps of the following static stretch, gripping each rep for thirty seconds.

Rotation Stretch

  • In a seated or standing position, locate the right hand on top of the head and let the left arm rest at the side.
  • Softly pull the head toward the right shoulder with the right hand.
  • Rotate the head down and see at the right hip.
  • Repeat the conflicting side
  • If your shoulders have a propensity to round forward, you can better this situation by the scapular touch and by a pectoral stretch.



Including stretches to your daily route will support decrease pain and stop re-injury to your upper back. The slow and gentle range of motion exercises contain:

  • Rolling should shoulder back and pinch your shoulder blades combine
  • Shoulder shrugs – move your shoulder down and up toward your ears then back down again
  • Turning your head side to side to look over the shoulder for a little pause
  • Bending the neck side to side, title single ear toward the shoulder and grip for a little time

Once your pain is decreased target on strengthening the muscles of the neck/upper back to better your posture, exercising the upper body for trapezius pain relief.

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy

If your injury is new and there is serious swelling, use cold compression to get the swelling down. After the swelling has calmed down – generally two to three days after an injury, we advise blood flow stimulation therapy to improve the local circulation system and better an increase in the healing rate of tendons, muscle, and soft tissues in the neighboring

lf Massage Techniques to Heal Trapezius Pain or Tight Traps


Some stunning massage techniques are discussed below:

Self-massage of the Lower And Middle Part with a Ball

  1. Massaging het rest of your trapezius muscle – lower and middle part – is done with a massage ball.
  2. Place it on the area you want to massage
  3. Push yourself against a wall and then gradually search for tender areas.
  4. As soon as you stumble upon one, stay here and gradually roll the ball over it a couple of times.
  5. In order to massage the full trapezius muscle, you might have to readjust the ball and your location on the wall a couple of times.

Precise Massage Strokes

  1. Locate the fairy on the lower part of your neck, right on the peak of the muscle.
  2. Execute force and gradually move down the muscle, all way to the shoulder outside.
  3. Vary the direction of the force and the position of the Trigger Fairy, respectively.
  4. Try to massage with force from the front, from above and from behind.

Self-massage of the Upper Part with Your Hands

  1. Pinch the muscle as you did previously when feeling it.
  2. Now search for tender points
  3. As soon as you target one, gradually roll it a couple of times between your fingers. But prevent before your hands are getting tired

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