What All Diseases Can Acupressure Cure?Whats Better? Deep Tissue Massage Or Acupressure

What All Diseases Can Acupressure Cure? What’s Better? Deep Tissue Massage Or Acupressure?

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Acupressure Vs. Massage
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Many people use the terms “deep tissue” and “deep pressure” interchangeably when they talk about their massage preferences. However, the two techniques are quite different and have very distinct goals. Acupressure is used to access the tissues of the body. It also encourages the muscles to release, eases general aches and pains, and stimulates the circulatory system. Deeper pressure is needed, simply to access the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. No needles, no hurt, just using pressure and applying acupressure techniques to specific acu- points on the body will help abate pain within minutes.Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools are Designed to do exactly that.

Deep Tissue Massage on the other hand is a specific massage modality. It involves using focused pressure to directly manipulate tissue fibers. This can include stripping or tissue rolling to separate muscles, cross-fiber friction to realign tissue fibers and concentrated compression to release chronic holding and tension.

According to the experience of people who have had both deep tissue massage and Acupressure Therapy, deep tissue massage is still quite “superficial” compared to Acupressure Therapy. While deep tissue massage is more relaxing, Acupressure is mainly aimed at releasing muscle knots formed from long-term muscle contraction, spasm, or repetitive inflammation. The more severe the muscle problem is, the more tender the area feels while being worked on with Acupressure Techniques. If the muscle group involved is in the deeper level, then Acupressure and Chinese therapeutic massage could bet a better alternative to release the deeply rooted problems and promote the healing than a deep tissue massage.

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Acupressure is very good for treating the diseases of muscles, joints and bones which are collectively known by the name of the musculo-skeletal system. Regardless of whether the pain is chronic or arising from a sudden injury, acupressure can immensely help in alleviating the symptoms. Mentioned are a few of many symptoms acupressure can heal:

1.Treatment of osteoarthritis: This is the most common variant of arthritis and can be caused as a result of continuous tearing down of the system. It normally occurs in older people and can also affect the lower back along the spine, hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. The pain caused due to arthritis normally fluctuates and acupressure can help in relieving it.

2.A quick relief to sprains: Sprains or sudden injuries normally respond well to acupressure. This kind of pain usually lasts for a week or so, and acupressure can work effectively once a clear health evaluation has been made. For instance, if you are exposed to a sudden injury on your shoulders, the pain arising out of it can last for months and even years together. But acupressure can prevent the pain from turning chronic and offers an instant relief to soothe it.

3.Helping the rheumatic pains: A great deal of experiments and research works have been conducted for finding the effects of acupressure for calming the pain arising from rheumatism. If you are on the acute, early and inflammatory stage of rheumatism, then you will need a treatment so that the ailment traverses to its residual stage which can be substantially treated through acupressure. It also helps in treating various types of chronic pains and as a result, many experts suggest this treatment,

4.Emergency Technique For Lowering High Blood Pressure:
locate the bony ridge at the base of your skull. This ridge runs from ear to ear. Lay on the Balls of Bliss Tool placing the back of the head on the tool and note the painful areas. The weight of your head and the neck will help apply the precise amount of pressure at the most optimum angle and within minutes the blood pressure will become low. Recommended time to lay on the acu-point is at least 3 minutes.

what all diseases can acupressure cure
Acupressure Vs. Massage

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The techniques used in Acupressure are quite different from deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage, elbows and fists are used to reach deeper tissue level. In Acupressure, thumbs, elbows, fists are used to aim directly at muscle lumps and knots in the deep layers. Acupressure also utilizes the energy (Qi) to influence the circulation at deeper level. It combines acupressure and Qi Gong (Reiki is Japanese style Qi Gong) to improve the circulation throughout the whole body to help reduce the inflammation and promote the healing of the local areas.

Deep tissue massage may make you feel good temporarily but does not solve the root problem of the muscle imbalance hence the problem would resurface quite fast.

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Think in terms of blood circulation throughout the body to sustain life.What happens if this blood flow gets blocked or interrupted? If this happens, the body sends warning signal in the form of symptoms which can cause pain. The affected area may starve from oxygen and other nutrients which the blood carries. It is important to treat these symptoms in their early stages. Wooden Acupressure Tools such as Balls of Bliss are designed not only to relieve existing pain, but increase blood flow even in the deepest body tissue. Also when you apply acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Acupressure tools for a few minutes on a daily basis you will notice that your back muscles get much stronger and simple task such as bending to tie your shoe laces is easy. When your back muscles are strong lifting weights at the gym or at your job is not going to be of great concern.



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