What Causes Muscle Knots? How To Get Rid Of Them? Acupressure-#1 Solution!

What Causes Muscle Knots? How to Get Rid Of Them? Acupressure- The #1 Solution!


Get Rid Of Muscle Knots! Acupressure Tools #1 Solution

Muscle ‘knots’ are incredibly common but common doesn’t mean they are normal or harmless. What causes muscle knots? How to get rid of them?There are many things that causes muscle knots. It’s most important to find a way to get rid of them. We hear this term “muscle knots” all the time, “I have a huge knot in my back” or “I’m all knotted up!” What does this actually mean? Can a muscle really get tied in a knot?

Muscles in our bodies are layered on top of each other from our heads to our toes. This is a good thing and the reason why we can bend, twist, dance, and play sports. Our muscles are meant to be pliable, strong, and challenged. However, when we sit at a computer all day in the same position or if we do high intensity work out everyday, especially without any warm up or stretching the muscles, or if we injure ourselves running everyday or lifting heavy weights or if we are chronically dehydrated, we can lose our mobility and flexibility (muscles stay in contracted state) This repetitive motion often leads to localized tight spots (knots) in the muscles that are doing all the repetitive work.The various muscle fibers start to stick to each other and become adhered. This new hard and lumpy feeling is a muscle ‘knot’.


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What Causes Muscle Knots? How To Get Rid Of Them? Acupressure- #1 Solution!

Muscle Knots

When a muscle knot forms it creates an interruption in the blood flow to that area, which means the damaged muscles can’t get the oxygen and nutrients they need to heal and repair.
This blood flow interruption also means that waste and toxins become trapped within the damaged muscles, which irritates them and makes them even worse!
So learning how to relax and release these muscle knots is absolutely vital to free ourselves from back pain.
Because not only do they cause pain, they can also lead to further inflammation and irritation
All sorts of things cause muscle knots in our everyday lives.Common causes of muscle knots include:
· stress and tension
· injuries related to lifting and repetitive motion
· poor posture
· prolonged bed rest or sitting without stretching

Muscle knots can occur all over the body, but there are a couple of “big bads”,or spots where you’re more likely to get a muscle knot. The most common source of muscle knots is the trapezius muscle.This muscle makes a triangle-like shape from the neck to the middle of the back and the shoulder.
Tension and knots in the trapezius muscles often occur due to stress and poor posture.
Places where muscle knots commonly occur include:
· calf muscles
· lower back
· neck
· shoulders

Acupressure tools/Balls of liss

To get relief from back pain, learn how to release muscle knots as they develop and also how to stop them from returning using Acupressure Therapy with Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool. And these are great because they can hit the hard to reach spots in the upper back and shoulders that the hands just can’t get to.

Applying acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss tool is a great way of getting deep into the muscle knots and encouraging them to release and they are awesome for relieving tight and painful back muscles too.To do this you need to lay your body down on a yoga mat on the floor or in your bed onto the tool close to your area of pain and tightness.

Balls of bliss, balls of bliss acupressure tools
Peridot. Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool (2 Stability Rings Included

You will know you are on the right spot! It’s like hitting the eye of the storm of your muscle knot! Then stop and hold this position for around 30-60 seconds.As the tool is made of wood, the extra firm pressure applied works well for getting into those awkward and hard to get places.

The combination of your body weight and gravity will apply pressure to the knot and within 2 minutes or less you will feel it spasm and release.This feels really satisfying and makes Balls of Bliss Acupressure tool a great way of healing pain and preventing muscle knots to form
Stimulating acupressure points to release muscle knots can open blocked pathways that allow an increase in energy, blood flow, and clears out any trapped waste and toxins. All of which are great for encouraging tight and knotted muscles to release, relax, and heal.

Watch Demonstration Videos Below! Same Acupressure Techniques Shown In These Videos, Apply To Release Muscle Knots! (Also shown Hot Stepper Foot Roller)


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